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Expense control

5 reasons why automating Expense Audit is the path to long term T&E spend reduction

Sustainable long term moderation in T&E spend can come only from instituting a culture of fiscal prudence. Ensuring that checks and balances exist to cover 100% of expenditure is the first step in this process.

Posted by Hari Balaji | Dec 19, 2019

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5 reasons why you should replace Manager Approvals of T&E spend with Automation

Managers bring valuable context to business expenses and their inputs should very much be considered but this should be done at the point when expense policies are being designed allowing for customizations at the team level.

Posted by Hari Balaji | Nov 14, 2019

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Expense control

5 best practices to reduce T&E expenses

Keeping T&E expenses in control without adding complexity is a constant challenge for organizations. Expense reduction, if not properly managed, can slow down decision making, demotivate employees, and affect your organization's bottom-line.

Posted by Hari Balaji | Nov 01, 2019

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